Olga SanchezOlga Sanchez
01:12 27 Sep 22
Eva Cruz is an amazing health coach. In 3 months, she has helped me drop 23 pounds! After struggling to find a consistent diet and meal plan by myself, I was referred to Eva and she made the process stress free and I know without her help, I couldn’t have gotten to this point in my fitness and wellness journey! Thank you!!
Mike WileyMike Wiley
23:40 06 Sep 22
I can't tell you enough about Eva and how she has changed my health. For most of my life I suffered suffered with Gerd and acid reflux. On June 23rd, 2020 I was taken by ambulance to the hospital with an upper GI bleed (top of my stomach and bottom of my esophagus) that required immediate surgery to save my life.I knew I needed to change. My husband and I went to see Eva and she patiently worked with us to get our nutrition changed. Her whole foods plant-based approach was just what I needed. I loved comfort foods and sodas with lots of fried anything and junk food. Eva gave me a plant-based meal plan to heal my gut and build my microbiome (a word I had never heard before).With Eva's help I lost 28 lbs. No more Gerd or Acid Reflux. My blood work improved dramatically and my doctors were very pleased.I cannot recommend Eva Cruz at Nutrition For Better Living enough. She changed my life. She is so kind and attentive, and always does good research to make sure her clients get the best advice. I only wish I had gone to see her much sooner.Cheryl Wiley
John JJohn J
00:55 10 Jun 22
Since working with Eva I have drastically decreased my intake of red meat. I have lost weight due to my new diet and my new found love for walking and exercise. Never in a million years would I have thought I’d be a person who would crave drinking water and eating an avocado everyday (sometimes two). I have more energy than before and most of all I can tell my testosterone level has gone way up. Thank you, Eva. You’re the best.
Zuly MarroquinZuly Marroquin
19:15 25 Mar 22
Vegan changed my life!! Coach Eva has been amazing in guiding me in many aspects of my life, making me feel confident and always stays positive! I wanted to switch to being Vegan for so long but I struggled with getting protein and not over eating on processed food! I have been able to be a strong Vegan for 3 solid months now. And my journey is far from over! The calls, text messages, the encouragement, the accountability has all help transform me into being a Vegan. I can't wait for my year anniversary and to see my many more accomplishments. I am down 35 pounds and geez at least 15inches combined in my body... probably more. This is a lifestyle and Eva has shown me ways to make it sustainable!Muchas gracias por TODA tu ayuda Eva!! Dios Te Bendiga grandemente.
J. E.J. E.
01:34 20 Jan 22
Eva is amazing to work with and I want to thank her for helping me change my life. Not only did I have major digestive issues, but for nearly a decade, I was not able to lose weight no matter what I did (count calories, fast, keto, etc). But Eva helped change all of that. Not only did she help me reach my personal weight loss goals (I lost 11 lbs.) Her coaching also helped me change my eating habits, mentality, and overall health. I feel and look amazing, and I am much more energetic all thanks to Eva's guidance!Plus, my digestive issues were resolved, all by switching to a plant-based! She truly is an expert in her field and you will not find a better health coach anywhere else!10/10 I highly recommend Eva if you are ready to change your life!